Daily Service: How To Keep Your Undercounter Dishwasher In Top Shape!

Portland, Oregon
June 9, 2023

Today we’re covering a topic that is critical for any bustling kitchen in Portland, Oregon, and surrounding areas: Keeping your commercial undercounter dishwasher in tip-top shape!

We all know how indispensable a dishwasher is in a commercial kitchen. It's the unsung hero, quietly taking care of business while the culinary magic happens. But just like any hero, it needs a little TLC to keep performing at its best. Daily cleaning and maintenance aren’t just nice-to-haves; they’re must-dos if you and your staff want to avoid the headaches of breakdowns and costly repairs.

So why is daily maintenance so important? Well, imagine the chaos if your dishwasher decides to take an unexpected day off during a busy service. Not fun. Regular maintenance helps prevent this, ensuring your dishwasher stays reliable, efficient, and ready for action. Additionally, it’s a big deal for hygiene. The last thing you want is for yesterday’s dinner to crash today’s lunch.

At Bach Bros., we don’t just know dishwashers—we live and breathe them. From ensuring they're running like a dream to swooping in for the rescue when they need fixing, or even installing a new one—our team is your go-to source in Portland and beyond. Our expertise is backed by years of experience, factory training, and a passion for what we do. So let's get started!

Steps to keep your commercial dishwasher in top shape:

Follow this step by step guide we recommend for daily maintenance that will keep your commercial dishwasher running. And if it ever hits a professional touch, you know who to call.

Step 1. Drain the machine

Press power button and leave door closed for the water to drain at the end of the draining cycle, the screen will be blank.

Step 2. Remove upper and lower wash/rinse arms

Remove the upper and lower wash/rinse arms. Make sure all washed/rinse nozzles are free from obstructions to ensure proper water flow.

Step 3. Remove and clean all strainers

Remove and clean all strangers. Be sure to remove coarse and fine strainers and remove any heavy food residue's from strainer pans. Once cleaned, reposition all components.

Step 4. Wipe down machine

Wipe down the interior and exterior with a damp cloth. Do not use steel wool, scoring pads, or any other abrasive material to clean the machine.

Step 5. Reposition all strainers and wash/rinse arms

Reposition all strainers and wash/Vince arms. Or slightly open to allow machine to air out overnight. It's important to reassemble removable dishwasher parts exactly as before to ensure continued performance.

What happens if I don’t clean my dishwasher?

After getting a understanding on the essential steps for daily cleaning and maintenance, it’s also crucial to be aware of what could go wrong if these steps are continually overlooked. Here are our top four potential issues that can arise due to a lack of proper cleaning and maintenance of a commercial dishwasher:

Decreased Cleaning Efficiency:

When a dishwasher is not routinely cleaned and maintained, mineral deposits and left over food particles can accumulate and gather. This buildup of left over food/grease can lead to the dishwasher not cleaning dishes as designed. Dishes might come out still dirty or with spots, which is not desirable by any professional standard.

Increased Operating Costs:

A poorly maintained dishwasher can become less energy efficient over time. It may use more water and electricity to achieve the same results, leading to unwanted higher utility bills. Additionally, frequent breakdowns due to lack of maintenance could result in costly repairs or even the need to replace the dishwasher earlier than expected.

Hygiene and Health Concerns:

In a commercial kitchen, a high level of hygiene is paramount and expected. A dishwasher that isn't properly maintained could become a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. This not only poses a risk to the health of the customers but could also tarnish the reputation of the establishment if it fails health inspections.

Downtime and Operational Disruptions:

A dishwasher is an essential piece of equipment in a busy commercial kitchen. If it breaks down because of neglect, this can cause significant disruptions to the kitchen's operations and possibly overwhelm staff. Having to wash dishes manually or dealing with repair services during business hours can be very inconvenient and can affect the overall productivity and in the end, customer satisfaction.

Now your staff is ready to maintain a commercial dishwasher.

Being mindful in the upkeep of your commercial dishwasher is not just about prolonging its life, but also about ensuring the efficiency, hygiene, and operation of your kitchen. So, don't skip those maintenance steps; your dishwasher, customers, and bottom line will thank you! Your staff is now ready to perform a recommended daily maintenance regimen. We recommend downloading this comprehensive checklist from Hobart Corp. to display in close proximity to your dishwasher as a constant reminder for staff. Should such a necessity arise, do not hesitate to request service for expert assistance. Our adept team is at your service for any specialized service your dishwasher may require.

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